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Founded in 1999, the Report it hotline was originally created to prevent violence in our nations schools. Report it developed a solution that was conducive to the technology (web-based) savvy youth culture of the day. Report it has been effective in assisting school administrators by proactively detecting and preventing potential danger such as, acts of violence, weapons, suicide, drugs, hazing, etc., on school campuses. Today, students in over 16 states use the Report it school safety hotline to inform their school when they feel their safety or the safety of others may be at risk.

2000 Report it was selected by the Hamilton Fish Institute of The George Washington University to participate in a national research study. The Hamilton Fish Institute was formed and funded through the United States Congress as an Institution for the research of effective tools to help keep our nations schools safe.

2001 Report it expanded on its experience knowledge and technology to include hotline services specifically for the workplace. We developed services to help management identify and mitigate potential risks such as, workplace safety, fraud, employee theft, HR related issues, etc. Today Report it is used by private companies to help keep their workplace free of abusive/unethical practices.

2002 Report it began to develop systems specifically for the compliance requirements of section 301 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. With the assistance of a top-ranked accounting firm, Eisner LLP, Report it has developed a cost effective, turnkey ethics, compliance and accounting irregularity hotline service.

2003 NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX companies trust Report it for their compliance hotline requirements. We are proud to serve leading companies in the following industries: Technology, Insurance, Banking & Finance, Agriculture, Consumer Products, Public Utility, Sea, Air and Ground Transportation, Medical Equipment, Medical Research, Bio Science and Education.

2004 In a relatively short period of time, the Report it name has become synonymous with anonymous hotline reporting. Through the years we remain dedicated to providing our clients the highest level of professional solutions with a unique blend of cutting edge technology and old fashioned personalized service.

2005 and beyond. In the future we look forward to a long lasting business relationship with all of our clients
by continuing to provide unparalleled customer support and service, and ever-evolving technology solutions.

Safe Harbor Policy Report it is a division of Report-it.com Copyright 1999-2012 Report-it.com Inc. All Rights Reserved
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