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Founded in 1999, Report it was the first company to harness the Internet to deliver innovative technology based, independent third party anonymous hotline services, and today is the preferred and trusted provider for Public and Private companies, Non-Profit organizations and the Education community.

Hotline Solutions.
Sarbanes Oxley Compliance
Ethics / Integrity
HR Related Issues
Loss Control and Fraud Prevention
Risk Detection / Prevention
Workplace Safety
School Safety and Violence Prevention

Anonymous Connectivity.
The Report it service assures your company and its employees safe, secure, always anonymous and confidential, 24/7 hotline accessibility. With Report it your employees have a choice of submitting a report online or can connect with a live professionally trained operator via toll free telephone.

Prompt Notification.
At Report it we respect your time. There is no need to periodically check in for updated status of anonymous report submissions and hotline activity. Whether a new report or report follow up has been submitted, your authorized designated recipients are alerted by Report it immediately.

Beyond the Initial Report.
With the Report it hotline functionality, your designated recipient(s) can reconnect with the anonymous reporter for furthur information and continued dialog. Our system keeps the reporters anonymity intact while encouraging them to provide additional information and assistance if requested.

Secure Online Case Management.
The Report it secure online case management system allows your authorized report recipient the freedom and flexibility of securely logging on, anytime anywhere, to retrieve a new report, process, file, or document actions taken, or to reconnect with an anonymous reporter.

Client Service and Support.
Each client is assigned an experienced and qualified project manager to provide service information and pricing, an online presentation and even suggestions based on your specific company needs throughout the business relationship.

Education and Awareness Material.
Properly informing and educating your employees about your new hotline is integral. Report it helps clients by providing personalized introduction and intructional program awareness materials.

Global Solutions.
Whether your operations consists of multiple offices across town, or across the globe, Report it is your single source hotline solution. We offer anonymous hotline service is over 150 languages.

Best Results.
For best results keep it simple. Adopt a user friendly service with simple and direct statement. "If you are aware or suspect unethical behaviorthat raises concern, or can cause harm to employees, the company, and or its shareholders, Report it.
Safe Harbor Policy Report it is a division of Report-it.com Copyright 1999-2012 Report-it.com Inc. All Rights Reserved
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