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Early Detection, Reducing Exposure to Risk with Report it.
Today's companies face many risks and threats that, if not quickly and properly identified and addressed, could endanger your stakeholders, and affect the organization's value and reputation. Additionally, government agencies and regulations including, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, OSHA, and state and federal environmental agencies require or encourage alternative means of internal communications should the traditional lines fail.

When your employees are exposed to a legal or ethical dilemma, they may feel that they cannot confide via normal channels without fear of retribution. They may turn to outsiders for intervention. This could lead to charges of compliance negative publicity, lawsuits, government investigations, steep fines and even prosecution.

Report it reduces this risk by encouraging and promoting internal communication through safe anonymous channels - online or by telephone hotline. With Report it, perceived problems are reported internally (directly to management), instead of to outsiders for intervention - thus providing the company the first opportunity to identify, address and/or defuse a potential liability through early detection.

Do you feel confident that serious issues can be and will be reported in a timely and accurate manner to the proper levels?

What will happen when the traditional communications lines fail or aren't trusted? To whom can your people go if they can't or won't trust the chain of command?

Will you know of and be able to address issues and problems before they become a crisis? Whom will your people first call and notify - you? The Media? A Government Agency?

What are your internal and external notification processes in the cases of emergencies or crisis?

Will you be aware of threats and intimidation before they escalate to workplace violence?

Do you log and track incidents and raised issues to identify trends?
How Report it works for you.

We will customize a system to meet your specific requirements. For example, your service may include issues involving: threats or other workplace violence issues, ethics/compliance, accidents and injuries, safety violations, harassment/bias, fraud and theft, substance abuse, conflicts of interest, fairness and other HR concerns, customer service, etc. Some clients use Report it to help identify product or service problems. Report it can also be used as your company's online suggestion box, encouraging overall company improvement ideas from your employees.

What type of organizations use Report it?

Anonymous reporting is an effective tool for public companies, manufacturers, hospitals, retail, distribution/warehouses, schools, environmental/waste firms, government agencies, banks, and any organization that wishes to enhance its internal communications and further protect its stakeholders. Making Report it your third party anonymous hotline service is easy. We traditionally work with an organization's Human Resources, Legal, Safety, Risk Management, Security, Environmental, Public Relations and Operations Departments to develop alternative internal communications processes that will meet your particular priorities, risks, budgets, culture, history and mission. These processes will be geared toward assuring the highest levels of trust, confidentiality, responsiveness, fairness, objectivity, and consistency.
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