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Q: We are looking for a cost effective, easy to implement and use hotline. Does Report it fit the bill?
A: Absolutely. Allow us to provide you with service and pricing information. We are confident that you will agree that our service is extremely easy to implement, user friendly and cost effective.

Q: How long does it take to implement the Report it hotline?
A: Depending on your specific requirements, most company set-ups are completed within 5 business days, but can be established sooner if necessary to meet deadlines.

Q: Do we need to install special software on our computers to use the Report it system?
A: No, all you need is an Internet connection.

Q: We may require some unique systems programming. Can Report it offer this level of service?
A: Yes. Our application consists of many features you can choose from. We also provide custom solutions and/or dedicated servers. We work closely with clients to architect complete systems to fully meet their objectives and requirements.

Q: We are seeking to implement a SOX compliance hotline. However, we may wish to expand our hotline to include HR related issues in the future. Would Report it be able to provide this?
A: Absolutely and immediately. Report it offers the flexibility and luxury of making changes at any time during our business relationship at no additional cost.

Q: We would like to establish different report recipients by report types. Can the Report it system do this?
A: Yes. We can assign report recipients to specific report types. For example, a report submitted concerning accounting omissions may be forwarded to a designated recipient on the audit committee, where a report submitted for harassment can be forwarded to a designated recipient in the HR department.

Q: We have International offices. Does report it provide anonymous hotline services globally?
A: Yes, we provide hotline services in over 150 languages.

Q: Do you provide introduction and educational material to help us rollout the service to our employees?
A: Report it provides a variety of materials for clients to assist them in introducing the service to their employees.

Q: How long has Report it been providing hotline services?
A: Founded in 1999, Report it was the first company to harness the power of the Internet to provide anonymous hotline solutions. Today others also provide services online. However, only Report it has logged over 42,000 consecutive hours of uninterrupted uptime without a breach in security, confidentiality and/or anonymity.


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