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Report it and its employees adhere to the highest level of business standards and principals. Our corporate culture and philosophy is simple, ethical standards and principals are an etiquette that must be adhered to at all times.
Respect the rights of others, free from discrimination, libel, slander or harassment.
Respect equal opportunity, regardless of age, race, sex, sexual preference, color, creed, religion,    national origin, marital status, veteran's status, handicap or disability.
Treat our employees with dignity, honesty, fairness, and provide a safe and healthy working    environment for all.
Provide our customers with the highest level of professional integrity, reliability and uncompromising    service.
Remain committed to our stakeholders by providing strong growth and earnings through ethical    business standards and principals.
Report it Systems and its employee should never take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts, or any other unfair-dealing practice.

Report it Systems will always obey fair competition standards. We will always attempt to ensure that Report it competes fairly and honestly and prohibits conduct that unethically seeks to reduce or restrain competition.

Report it Systems will not attempt to collect competitor's information through misrepresentation or unethical business practices. We will never ask for confidential or proprietary information, or ask a client/ex-employee of a competitor to violate a non-compete or non-disclosure agreement.
Safe Harbor Policy Report it is a division of Report-it.com Copyright 1999-2012 Report-it.com Inc. All Rights Reserved
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